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the dark. door opens ♪ ♪ laughing boy crying ghoul rule number 2 5 3 - a scare does not count if you apologize for it.
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(growl) ah! ghoul rule 8 2 9 - it does not count if you scare yourself. casper, you are hopeless. sorry, i tried. we are going to end up alone in the dark. oh, what a shame! why, i outta... uh uh uh, don't make me call cabash. that's more like it. you rotten spy. i hate being under that little runt's thumb.
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you three really like wearing those ghost costumes. to welcome you into our home, we brought you some figgy pudding. what's that? hmm, we're not really sure. no one is. but it's very christmasy and that's good enough for us. hmm, we're not really sure. no one is. no, only a few more shocking days until christmas. we are toast if casper doesn't scare someone quick. but when it comes to scaring, casper sucks worse than fatso. too bad, we couldn't turn casper into a different ghost. or, turn a different ghost into casper like our nephew, spooky! he looks like his cousin casper.
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that little guy isn't a bad scarer either. hey, there's a picture of him right here in the ghost academy fear book. yeah, lose the hat and the freckle and you got a good casper. i mean, a bad casper! so, we've got a plan. we get him to come here and impersonate casper then.. snizzle sees him scare the stink out of someone, then.. we have to share our figgy pudding with him? we have to share our! we get our haunting licenses back and avoid being left in... the dark. hey look! the fear book gives his number in new york city. i'll call him on my smellular phone. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ nice view, hey poyo! look at all them people way down there. they look like aunts. oh, spooky! i'm sure there's a couple of uncles too and cousins and grandmothers and sisters (phone ringing) what do you want? oh, i'm honored you guys are calling. it's the ghostly trio, my heroes. say, how'd you like to come out to kriss, massachusetts and uh do some scaring for us? you guys want me to join your group? you're exactly what we need. no one else can do but you. we'd love to have you. yeah and we're not lying 'cause we're desparate
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or nothing. this is the all-time best break i ever got. my chance to be part of the scream team. but, uh have to think about it. i have to get back to you. how can you think about even leavin' new york? it's a heck of a town. the bronx is up. but the battery is down. so is assault, muggins, and purse snatching. i need more scaring opportunities. this offer to join the ghostly trio is my shot at the big leagues. oh, i ain't so sure. poyo, i'm putting my foot down. we're going to kriss mass. as long as that's ok with you. laughing you were right. those actors are weird.
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they didn't scare you, did they? nah, i'm into weird. halloween, now there's a good holiday. funny, you should mention halloween because.. what? how comes there's no... i can explain. the truth is.. of course! you are a snowman, so you don't leave an impression in the snow. yeah, sure. that sounds good. oh, that does it! you're in for it now! you are so dead! heavy breathing aahh! you hear that? sounds like casper is really scaring her. maybe we don't need spooky around here after all. (laughing) i knew it! it was too good to be true. if you want something done right,
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you gotta do it yourself. or trick someone else into it then tell 'em hit the road. spooky ain't joining us? you wondered if we should be the ghostly quartet? nah, too hard to spell. once spooky gets us out of here, we give him the boot. (laughing) music and laughing say it! you are the official snowball champion of the universe. all hail. it's great hanging out with someone normal. never been called that before. keep them compliments a-coming. i'm serious. this time of year my folks won't leave me alone. they always want me to be involved in everything they do. well yeah, sounds like a drag. can i tell you a secret? cross your heart and hope to die?
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done. and done. i kinda like one thing about the holidays. making your own cards. i'm making one for you. really? cool. but if you tell anyone what i said about liking christmas, you'll get such a snow pounding.. ok, ok, it's a secret. you know, casper, i really feel like i can trust you. trust is good. trust and honesty and stuff. listen... holly, grandma is on the phone. sorry, gotta go. later! but i... so, tell her when the time is right, huh? aw, shut up. snoring door bell rings yeah...
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it's from the ghost office. must be a dead letter. hmm, it's from new york city. new york city? say, snizzle, i just heard there's a polly shore film festival playing downtown. uh, i'm there! music hey ya, uncles! i wanted to make an entrance with class. yeah, third class. spooky was too cheap to spring for the extra stamp. you always want to travel by scare mail. i like having someone else do the flying for me every now and then. i'm here to join up. what do you need?
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well let's see. first we need you to lose that stupid hat. my doubie! ah, don't sweat it! but that's the spooky trade mark. well we're not looking for a spooky type, more a casper type. time for the top secret initiation. that's nice. yeah, very hush hush. oh, makes sense. no outsiders allowed. alright already. i can take a hint. a house don't have to fall on me. see you later, spooky. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm casper hi, i'm cas-per hi, i'm casper. hi, i'm casper. hi, i'm casper. (laughing) hi, i'm casper. i'm gonna scare the livin' daylights out of ya. by jove! i think he's got it. i'm disgusted with myself. after this i get to join
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ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ door opens
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carol, is that you? holly? hmm. gee we're glad you're are back snizzle. casper's ready to try scaring again. you'll be amazed. he's a whole new ghost. that's... that's right. i'm casper the frenzied ghost. humming humming humming oh, i'm getting giggy wit it now. water running humming humming
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humming door opens humming humming humming ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ whistling he didn't look scared to me. we are never
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never gonna talk about this incident ever again. phone rings hello? what are you doing? oh, just baking christmas cookies. do you like scary cookies? i don't think christmas cookies are very scary. i guess halloween cookies might be. do i scare you? no, no you sound nice. don't you hang up on me. heavens, i would never hang up on someone. oh oh oh, let me give you the recipe. you take three cups of oatmeal, half a cup of butter, one cup of chocolate oh, nevermind! ok, bye then. merry christmas!
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oh goodness me. i'm outta salt. this calls for the hands on approach. yikes! i'm half naked. singing oh, she looked real scared! spooky, are you in here? i'm in the bowl. no. you were supposed to scare her. what happened? i got the...mixed up. aw, don't she look sweet and innocent? this scare will be easy.
9:19 pm
boo! boo! hi casper. you're supposed to scream. don't you think i'm scary? no, why would anyone think that? geez, i don't get it. he can't even scare a little girl. i thought you said casper had his scary act together. he is as lame as usual. what a letdown! let's get out of here. oh, this is a nightmare and not the good kind. are you ok? look, i can take not being scary, but i don't your pity. ok, obviously you're working through some issues, but i got a surprise for you.
9:20 pm
who cares? huh? buzz off toots, i ain't in the mood. are you kidding? because this isn't funny. you're telling me. i'm sick of you and your whole crazy family. they ain't normal. hey, they are my family and i love them. well, someone has to. you're all jerks. well, then i won't bother you anymore. hmm. touchy. hi, holly. here's your christmas card. hey, why'd you do that? because it's just the kind of thing a jerk would do. holly! leave me alone! hiya sweetie!
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poya? ah! your uncles weren't kidding. you're a pretty good casper. gee, thanks. i try my best. what are you doing here in kriss? oh, mostly getting bored in this dinky town. i wanna go back to new york. uh, ok. ain't you coming with me? uh, no but thanks for the offer. i have to stay here and find out what's wrong with holly. holly? who's holly? she's this really nice girl i met. we get along great. except now she's mad at me for some reason. yeah, well she ain't the only one. the ignoring me was bad enough, but now you're two timing me? i can't even stand to look at you dopey mutt.
9:22 pm
you big jerk! (crying) who wants egg nog? get it while it's noggy haha i'll have some later. oh, is something wrong honey? it's not important. i don't want to ruin your christmas. holly, look at me. your father and i love christmas that's true, and maybe we go to far sometimes. but, you always come first. always. it's just a friend of mine at least i thought this was my friend, all of the sudden is a real jerk. i just don't get it. well, maybe your friend is having trouble at home. sometimes a jerk is just someone who doesn't know how to say what they
9:23 pm
really feel. ok, i'll give him another chance. that's my...him? this is a boy? nole! we'd like to meet him sometime. the egg nog is there if you want it. it'll help you sleep. unless you've suddenly become lactose intolerant then they'll be then they'll be painful cramps and bloating. nighty night. ♪i thought i knew ♪you. how could have i ♪been so wrong? maybe you ♪have troubles that you don't know how to ♪ ♪share, but i know ♪i still care
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♪and i can be a friend ♪you can tell me ♪anything even if ♪it's crazy or bad. even if ♪you're angry or sad. yes, i can ♪ ♪be a friend. i ♪will never let you down ♪honesty until the end ♪lose our way and try again. ♪cuz i can be a friend. where's the music coming from? ♪ music ends
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holly! look, there is something i need to tell you. why were you being such a loser before? when? when you yelled at me. what are you talking about? ok forget it. i was trying to talk and find out what your problem is. maybe help you with it. that's what friends do. i just wanted you to tell me the truth. ok, you want the truth? here it is. you're not going to like it and you won't want to be my friend anymore. casper, you shouldn't have climbed up my window. it's too dangerous. what? how are you doing that? since when can snowmen fly? i'm not a snowman. i told a big, stupid lie because i wanted you to be my friend.
9:26 pm
i'm a ghost. a ghost? a ghost. you know, a member of the living impaired. you trusted me, and i let you down. i let everybody down. i'm sorry, holly. good bye uh huh, there you are. trying to hide from me? never! we were just admiring the nice, scary expression on this santa. come over and take a closer look. (ho ho ho) oh, by the way, i reversed the motor on santa's pipe.
9:27 pm
it's a very powerful vacuum now, so be careful. hey, you tricked me! yeah and you got sucked in. get it? haha oh we'll come back and let you out, in a couple of years. laughing let me out of here! ok you asked for it (whistle blows) there did you hear that? no? cuz it's really loud in here. music let me hear that recording one more time. oh what isn't wonderful about christmas? we love the decorations. and we love exchanging presents. but, most of all, we love the way it brings your friends your together hey, that sounded good. ok, i played the list and checked it
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twice. it's christmas eve. we have to think of an idea quick. oh, we'll come up with someway to ruin christmas in the nick of time. that's it! nick like in st. nick. narrator:then the horrible trioa nasty idea. those mean spirited spooks had a foul, evil idea. every person in kriss liked christmas a lot. but the trio, the ghostly trio, did not. ♪ ♪ perhaps his fat head was not stuck on
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quite right. it could be, perhaps, that those sheets were too tight, but i think that most likely reason of all, may have been that they were jerks. that's it for the lights. we've ? every hole. i think the chimney is three sizes to small. ♪ narrator: with a twist under shimmy, he slid like a snake. he stole the roast beef and even the cake. hey guys.

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